Food Menu

  • Brunch
  • Food menu
  • Sweets

    • Panna Cotta
      8 €
      With vanilla Tahiti, blueberry sauce and crumble.
    • Macaron Burger
      9 €
      Cream chocolate infused with bourbon, butter cream with peach and strawberry salsa.
    • Cotton Candy
      9 €
      Caramel mousse, crispy hazel praline biscuit and white chocolate salsa with passion fruit

    Main courses

    • Avocado Pesto
      16 €
      Linguine με πέστο από αβοκάντο, φρέσκο βασιλικό, jalapenos και φυστίκι Αιγίνης µαζι µε πούδρα lime.
    • Indonesian Chicken Skewer
      18 €
      With coconut salsa infused with lemongrass. lime and mint, fried rice with mango, ginger. fresh onion and coriander.
    • N.Y. Strip
      25 €
      With parsnip crisps, coleslaw marinated with apple cider and BBQ sauce.
    • Hot Skirt Steak
      22 €
      With guajillo chiles, pickled tomatillos, corn and pebre sauce.
    • Smoked Brisket
      23 €
      With eggplant puree, roast sauce with smoked peppers. parsley oil and olive powder.
    • Monroe's Burger
      13 €
      Brioche bun, crispy chicken, cream emmental, tomato, red lolla lettuce, blueberry chutney and mayo with chili and lime.
    • Navajo Burger
      20 €
      Brioche bun, 100% organic bison patty, cheddar, smoked black pig bacon, valerian, crispy onions and smoked chipotle sauce infused with mescal.
    • Smokey Cheeseburger
      20 €
      Brioche bun, 100% beefpatty, cheddar, house'smolzed ketchup, homemade pickled cucumber and onion.

    Food Truck

    • Holiday in Cambodia
      13 €
      Wrapped crispy chicken with rice leaves, iceberg, tomato, carrot, mint, spicy, mayo and pineapple chutney.
    • Empanadas
      12 €
      With fresh tomato salsa and tequila and sour cream
    • Cha gio
      13 €
      Vietnamese spring rolls with shrimps, bean sprouts, mango, ginger, fresh coriander. fresh onion, mint and calamansi.
    • Veggie tacos
      9 €
      Crispy tacos with black beans, fajitas vegetables, avocado. tomato salsa, rice and lime.
    • Tacos de Carnitas
      12 €
      Slow cooked pork with tequila, sour cream, pico de gallo. avocado and fresh coriander.
    • BBQ Chicken Wings
      10 €
      With sour cream and BBQ sauce.
    • Pollo Asado ala Mexicans
      16 €
      Chicken fillet with black beans salad. avocado. peppers, cherry tomatoes, onion, fresh coriander and lime vinaigrette infused with Big Sun llabanero.


    • Passion Tuna
      17 €
      Tuna tartar with maracuya puree, hibiscus gel. chili fuego
    • Purple Haze Quinoa
      13 €
      Hazels, cranberries, peppers, green apple, celery, fresh onion, pickled beetroot and vinaigrette from beetroot and citrus fruit.
    • Green Valley
      14 €
      Mesclun, baby rocket, COppa, yellow cherry tomatoes, cantharelle, scamorza and fresh basil vinaigrette.